Book Overview

America needs to repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. This is a bold statement when the United States is considered to be the most powerful nation on Earth. Should we repent individually or collectively?

In Why America Needs to Repent, author Pastor Dwane Massenburg explores the subject of repentance in today’s world, considering what repentance means and the pressing reasons why America should repent. He addresses a host of related questions:

• How do we grapple with America being a predominately Christian nation in the twenty-first century?

  • Are Jesus’ teachings still relevant?
  • Are Christians allowed to be different now?
  • Has God changed his mind about what it means to be a Christian?
  • How should we act as Christians today?

Based upon the Bible, the word of God, Why America Needs to Repent communicates crucial messages about repentance and its relevance and importance in today’s society. We need to repent because we work better together with God; understanding the love of God is the absolute best way to get us to do that. We need to repent because nothing else will work.

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The Workbook

Why America Needs to Repent

This workbook is designed to confront you with heartfelt questions to make you consider your relationship with God. Repentance is the first step to repairing and maintaining the relationship. This workbook along with the book, “Why America Needs to Repent”, is designed to confront the reader with Biblical truths that cannot lay dormant. They must be addressed. It helps the reader in their personal conversation with God.

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